New vibrating capsule marks the next step in personalized healthcare

2019-02-03T13:54:17+00:00February 3rd, 2019|

GI innovators Vibrant are tackling chronic constipation, with a new chemical-free, side-effect-free vibrating capsule that enables per-patient efficacy tracking and treatment adjustment.

One of the major objectives currently pursued by digital healthcare innovators is the ability to oversee and regulate the self-administration of medications. According to the IMS Institute, in 2012 alone, the cost of incorrect and unnecessary use of medicines by patients was estimated to cost the US healthcare sector over $200 billion.

Healthcare is going personal

In addition to ensuring that patients follow their drug regimen, the healthcare industry has been investing heavily on all manner of personalized care. From tailored nutrition apps all the way to genetically-targeted cancer therapies, health providers are seeking to break out of ineffectual “one size fits all” paradigms, and to replace them with intelligently responsive, patient-specific solutions.

The Vibrant approach

Addressing the widespread and debilitating affliction of chronic constipation, Vibrant has developed a unique new treatment, based on a drug-free orally-administered capsule that stimulates bowel movement by mechanically inducing vibrations in the large intestine. Considering the unmet need of patients, this chemical-free method results in effective, comfortable constipation relief, without side effects.

Building on strong initial clinical results, Vibrant is also developing a decision-support system for physicians, that will not only enable them to better manage capsule dosage, but also aid in the global struggle for proper use of drugs by patients. In continuation to digital pills recently approved by the FDA, the Vibrant capsule maintains patient privacy, and automatically reports to physician the efficacy level of the prescribed treatment. Patient themselves report on their bowel movements, enabling the physician to track progress and adjust vibration mode of work, as needed.

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Healthcare trends are all pointing to a future of personalization. Personalized healthcare empowers both patients and physicians by granting them both a greater degree of confidence and control. Vibrant is at the vanguard of this change and intends to become the solution of choice for constipation treatment.